Customer Stories: Steve and Ashna

Empowering young professionals and First-Time Buyers with 'Rent to Buy'

Customer Stories: Steve and Ashna
Aisha Idowu
Published on
June 13, 2023
3 min read

At Keyzy, we are thrilled to be a part of the transformative journey of first-time homebuyers. We understand that the complexities of the home buying process can often make it feel overwhelming and out of reach. That's why we have developed our innovative 'rent to buy' product, designed to simplify the path to homeownership. In this article, we will share the experiences of Steven and Ashna, our customers who have successfully moved from renting to owning their own homes through Keyzy's 'rent to buy' solution.

Simplifying the Journey Steven and Ashna were initially skeptical about our 'rent to buy' offer, but their doubts were quickly put to rest as they experienced our commitment to helping them out. Ashna recalls, "We really liked how simple and effective the whole process was. At first, we thought the offer was too good to be true." She adds, "The fact that it was so easy to communicate with everyone in the team made it seamless."

A Hassle-Free Experience Moving into their new home through Keyzy's 'rent to buy' product was a good and hassle free experience for both Steven and Ashna. Ashna shares, "It was really special moving into our new home. It felt really surreal because we didn't have to do any of the conveyancing and had no direct contact with the people in the transition process apart from the estate agent. We didn't have any contact other than just getting the keys."

Transforming Houses into Homes The ability to personalise their new home was a significant advantage for Steven and Ashna. They were able to make their houses feel like home from day one. Ashna shares her excitement, "We've put in new carpets, new floors, painting the walls. It's become a home already." This sense of ownership and pride was a result of Keyzy's solution, which allows buyers to invest in their properties right from the beginning, and keep the upside in value if their changes make a positive difference.

Financial Flexibility and Value One of the key benefits that attracted Steven and Ashna to Keyzy was the financial flexibility it provided. Steven explains, "We explored going with a traditional mortgage, but with Keyzy, we can keep cash in the bank rather than putting a deposit down." He adds, "We viewed it as a 100% LTV mortgage which would have cost more."

Moreover, the negotiation of the price and the use of Open Banking for income verification were significant advantages for Steven and Ashna. As Steven points out, "Negotiation of the price can be quite big because Keyzy does this day-in, day-out." Regarding the use of Open Banking to review his income and expenditure Steven adds, "It was a big win for us because I only had 1 year of accounts to show. It was really straightforward."

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Looking Towards the Future With their new home secured through Keyzy's rent to buy product, Steven and Ashna are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. They have already started transforming their property and have plans for further improvements. Steven shares his thoughts, "When you're renting, you have limited control. Our old flat had carpets from 1970! So we actually have our own place to make our own."

The view from Keyzy At Keyzy, we take great pride in empowering first-time buyers like Steven and Ashna to realise their dream of homeownership. Their experience highlights the success of rent to buy in simplifying the home buying process, providing a hassle-free experience, and offering financial flexibility.

Our rent to owning solution has revolutionised the home buying experience for many more first-time buyers. Through a seamless process, hassle-free transition, financial flexibility, and the opportunity to personalise their new homes, buyers like Steven and Ashna can confidently embark on the journey of homeownership without the same constraints of getting a mortgage. At Keyzy, we are proud to be a part of their success stories and remain committed to empowering more individuals in achieving their dream of owning a home.

Whatever the future holds for the property market, we hope to be helping people buy homes for many years to come.

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