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Step 1

Find out your home buying budget

In a few questions, get an estimated budget for your new home.

It takes 90 seconds. Fill out a short application form and we’ll send you a Budget in Principle. This will be the maximum budget that Keyzy will offer to buy you a home.

Depending on your income and outgoings we might be able to buy a home up to 6 times your income while traditional mortgage lenders may only offer 4.5 times.

How do you decide my budget?
It's based on your income and where you want to live. We want to make sure it's something you could afford, and is not capped at four and half times your income like traditional mortgage lenders. You can apply for a budget in principle to get an idea of how much you could spend. After you’ve completed a full application we’ll review your circumstances in detail and give you an updated budget which could be higher or lower than before.
What is the basic eligibility criteria?
You will need to be over 18 and have the right to live in the UK. We will also do an industry-standard check on you using secure and modern technology including:
  • Verifying your income and outgoings (using Open Banking)
  • Checking for fraud and bankruptcy (using Credit bureaus)
  • Reference checks with landlords and employers

Step 2

Search for your ideal home

The hunt is on! Find the home you like and submit it for review.

You can look for any home, new and old, big and small. Your local estate agent or a property website will be able to show you homes within your budget.

Once you’ve found one you like, let us know and we will put in an offer that makes sense for you. The lower the price of the home the lower your monthly payments and future buy-back price. We do our best to make sure you get a good deal!

Are there any homes you don’t accept?
We accept houses in England & Wales that can be occupied immediately and don’t require major refurbishment to be in a liveable condition. We are not currently buying flats or leasehold properties, but we hope to be very soon. The home must be at least 400 square feet.
How do I make an offer?
When you have found the home you like, have viewed it and are ready to make an offer, you can submit it through our online portal. We’ll review it before sending you a quote with the detailed monthly costs, locked-in and future buy-back prices. We’ll then work with you to make sure you get the best deal possible by negotiating on your behalf.

Step 3

Keyzy buys the home for you

You can sit back and relax because Keyzy manages the home buying process.

Keyzy will do a detailed review of you and the home to make sure everything is fine. Once we’re happy, we will then make you an offer before buying the home for you.

Our offer includes your lease length, monthly payment amount, and the locked-in price for the home so you’re protected from price increases.

We take care of all the boring stuff like surveys, legal process and buildings insurance. Easy Keyzy!

You will need to pay a fee of £999 to cover the cost of Keyzy conducting surveys and a valuation on your chosen home.

More FAQs
2 - 3 months
Do I need a perfect credit score?

No. But we do take into account your income and spending behaviour over the past year to make sure you can afford the monthly payments and are not likely to miss any payments.

We don’t accept applicants who have entered an IVA or Bankruptcy in the last 3 years, nor any missed rental or mortgage payments in the last 12 months, or Defaults and County Court Judgements in the last 12 months over value £250.

If you end up getting a home with Keyzy we will also report your rental payments to Equifax. This means that your rental conduct could improve your credit position and credit score. This can make it easier to obtain credit on better or preferential deals and more likely to be accepted. It can also mean Banks and Mortgage Lenders can see your rental conduct without having to ask for documentation and can help secure the best mortgage deals available.

Can I add my savings as a deposit?
Keyzy doesn’t require a deposit! If you have savings, you can continue growing them. When it's time to buy the home from Keyzy you can use your savings to increase your deposit and reduce the size of mortgage you’ll need.

Step 4

Move into your new home

Treat the home like your own and start working towards owning it.

Time to move into your new home. You will sign your lease agreement, pay your one-off product fee and first month’s rent and the keys are in your hand.

Your monthly payments are locked. No increases! Up to 25% of these payments are converted into reducing your future buy-back price for when you buy the home from Keyzy later on. So the price you have pay for the home actually goes down over time! This will help you build up a deposit.

More FAQs
1 day!
How do you work out the monthly payments?
Your monthly payments are based on several factors; the value of the home, typical rental amounts in your area for similar properties, plus the fact that we fix your rent for up to 7 years unlike traditional landlords. Also, an additional 25% of your monthly payments are converted into reducing the future buy-back price you pay for the home later on.
Who is responsible for home maintenance?
Keyzy will be responsible for any insurable costs such as storm damage or burst water pipes. We also make sure you have your gas and electrical safety certificates. You are responsible for wear and tear and day-to-day upkeep of the home.

Step 5

Buy the home when you’re ready

At the end of your lease it’s time to buy, extend, or sell and keep your gains.

You can buy the home from Keyzy whenever you want. If it’s before the end of your lease you’ll need to pay a 1% early exit fee.

The buy-back price for your home will be the price we paid for it, plus the costs we incurred buying it, minus all your converted payments. Even if property prices have gone up you get to keep all the gains and use them as your deposit. You can apply to extend your lease if you are not ready to buy your home.

If you don’t want to buy the home or want to move home early you can find another buyer and walk away with the gains if there are any.

How do you calculate the future buy-back price?
Your future buy-back price will be made up of the locked-in price (the price we paid to buy plus stamp duty, legal fees and all costs related to the purchase) and then reduced by your accumulated converted payments. If you choose to buy the home before the lease ends, the buy-back price might be higher as you won't have accumulated as much in converted payments.
What happens if I want to move somewhere else?
At the end of your lease you are free to leave, but we still want you to get any potential increase in the property value. You can find a buyer for the home at any time during your lease, and keep all the upside. You just need to make sure it is sold at a price equal or above the original purchase price including out costs. You also get up to 25% of your rental payments back (minus an early exit fee of 2% for selling the home).

Who can join Keyzy?

If a traditional mortgage isn’t working out, we can help if...

You don’t have a deposit

You don’t have a deposit

Most lenders won’t look at you if you don’t have at least a 10% deposit. Many first time buyers can’t rely on the bank of mum and dad either. Keyzy buys the home on your behalf, so you don’t need to have savings. Easy!

A mortgage doesn’t stretch far enough

A mortgage doesn’t stretch far enough

Lenders cap their offers up to 4.5 your income so people get priced out of their local area. Keyzy can buy homes up to six times your income, depending on your circumstances.

You recently moved to the UK

You recently moved to the UK

If you’re living and working in the UK but don’t have a credit history here you can be locked out of buying a home. Keyzy can help you get a foot on the ladder while you build up credit.

You're self-employed or in a new job

You're self-employed or in a new job

It can be difficult borrowing money to buy a home when you are self-employed. Or you might have recently changed jobs. We take your full financial circumstances into account to make sure you can afford Keyzy.

You’re renting but unable to buy

You’re renting but unable to buy

We’ve all heard the story; you’ve been renting a place for years, but banks won't lend to you to buy it. It makes no sense, especially if the monthly payments are less than your current rent. If you can afford to rent it you can afford to buy it.

You don’t have a perfect credit score

You don’t have a perfect credit score

We take your full financial circumstances into account to make sure you are able to afford Keyzy. Our goal is also to help you buy the home at the end of your lease. Having issues with your credit history doesn’t exclude you from Keyzy.


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