Our mission is to make home ownership a reality again.

Buying a home shouldn’t be so hard. Today, millions of us are locked out because we can’t get a mortgage for a home we could afford to rent.

At Keyzy, we’re here to change that. Our innovative rent to buy solution can make home ownership in the UK a reality again.

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The odds are stacked against us

It has never been as difficult to buy a home than it is today. Mortgage lender's rules and restrictions for borrowers are out of date. Endless house price increases, slow wage growth and the cost of living crisis have excluded millions from their homeownership dream.

It's time for change.

At Keyzy, we made a way to help left-behind home buyers get a foot on the property ladder. And while we're at it, we've taken the hassle out of the buying process. In other words, we're here to make homeownership a reality again.

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Help us create meaningful, lasting change for homebuyers in the UK.

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