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By registering with Keyzy, you are providing personal data which we strive to protect. We promise to never sell your data and always respect your marketing choices. Your privacy is protected by law, and it is also protected by our privacy policy. This page gives you an idea of how we collect your information, why we collect it, and how we process it.

Contact details

Please note that Keyzy is a trading name of:
Kollitom Ltd, a private company registered in England and Wales under registration number 13075506 and with a registered office at 125 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6NH.
Please note that references on this page to ‘our’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ have the meaning of Kollitom Ltd and its subsidiaries, trading as “Keyzy”.

  • Keyzy (Kollitom Ltd)
  • 125 Kingsway
  • London
  • WC2B 6NH

Or, you can email us on [email protected]

How we receive information

Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons:

  • You have made an enquiry about our product
  • You have shared information for us to assess your suitability for our product
  • You have shared the information needed to buy a home with our partners
  • You subscribe to news and updates
  • You have applied for a job or secondment with us
  • You are representing your organisation and wish to communicate with us

We also use cookies to collect other information and help us analyse the performance of our website and service. Read more about our cookie policy.

What information we collect

Personal data—or personal information—is any information about an individual that can identify them.

We collect:

  • Identity Data including your first name, last name, current and previous address and date of birth.
  • Contact Data including email address, telephone numbers, home address, employer address, employer name.
  • Account Data including information you give us when you register your account.
  • Financial Data including account and card payment details, bank income, savings, spending and credit history.
  • Technical Data including internet protocol (IP) address, browser type and version, location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform, and other technology on the devices you use to access the website and services.
  • Application Data including details about your family and living situation, property preferences and housing history.
  • Usage Data including information about how you use our website and services.
  • Marketing and Communications Data including your consent to get updates from us.

We might also keep other information that we categorise as ‘sensitive personal data’.

We will not usually ask for sensitive personal data. We will only ask if we think it is causing a difficulty with your account. We will always explain why we are asking for it and how we might use it. Sensitive data might include:

  • ethnic origin
  • political belief
  • religious belief
  • membership to a trade union
  • physical health or condition
  • mental health or condition
  • sexual preference
  • criminal offences

Sensitive personal data is given higher protections. We can’t share this information outside the company without your permission. And, it’s only shared with team members that absolutely need to see it to perform their job.

How we might use your information

We use this information to qualify you as a potential Keyzy customer.
We might use your information to:

  • help us work out if we might be right for you
  • improve your experience
  • provide you with marketing information about us and our services (you can unsubscribe at any time)
  • let you know about changes to the website and service
  • work out if you are a suitable candidate if you apply for a role
  • help us train new candidates
  • protect our servers against attacks

We will occasionally update our privacy policy to reflect company and customer feedback. We will let you know if we update it so you are aware of how we use your information.
So we can give you the best service, we might need to share your personal information with trusted third parties. We will not share special personal data without asking you first. If you do not want us to, you can withhold or withdraw your consent.

Why we might contact you

We may contact you:

  • to let you know about changes to our service, website, terms and conditions, or privacy policy
  • to give you information you have asked for (e.g. a link to log in)
  • to invite you to participate in surveys (e.g. to help us understand the homes you like)
  • if you express an interest in a specific home
  • to give you additional information about a home you’ve shown interest in
  • to return a call-back request
  • to keep you updated about future changes (e.g. new homes in new areas)
  • to help you understand how Keyzy works and might work for you
  • to help you understand our qualification process
  • if you opt in to receive marketing

Credit reference checks

As part of our process, we may do credit and identity checks with one or more credit reference agencies (CRAs).
We submit your personal information to the CRAs. They send back information based on your credit application including things about your financial situation and financial history.
Here’s some standard information for new tenancy applications.
To process your application, we might do credit and identity checks with our credit check partners, Equifax. If you become a Keyzy customer we may also do regular checks in the future to manage your account.
To do a credit check we ask you for some information which we process with Equifax. They give us information about your financial situation, your financial history, shared credit, and fraud prevention. They also give us public information like whether you are on the electoral register.
We use this information to:

  • access whether you are creditworthy access whether you can afford to use Keyzy
  • verify the accuracy of the information you have given us
  • prevent criminal activity, fraud, and money laundering
  • manage your account(s)
  • trace and recover debts
  • make sure we only provide help appropriate to your circumstances

When we process your details with Equifax, they place a search footprint on your credit file which can’t be seen by other organisations.
We may use this information to work out whether Keyzy is suitable for you and to verify the accuracy of the data you’ve provided.
For more information, read the credit reference agency information notice.

Who we might share your information with

We might share your information with other entities that have partnerships with Kollitom Ltd. We will not share your information with other organisations except as part of providing a product or service to you and/or when legally obliged to.

How long we retain information

We will hold your information to contact you about our products and services and to improve your experience. We may also contact you to request updated details. For more details on our data retention policy, you can email us on [email protected].

Our use of aggregated and anonymised information

We may anonymise the information you give us for financial modelling, research and development.
We anonymise information to minimise the risk of anyone being able to identify you. We may share any resulting analysis with third parties.
We may combine your anonymised information with anonymised information from other users of our service and share it with third parties. We do this is help us improve our service.

Your rights

You can ask us for the information we hold about you. You can ask us to amend, erase, or delete it. And, you can restrict how we process and share it. We’ll acknowledge and carry out any request within 30 days, with no cost to you.
You can access the personal information we have about you by using these contact details:

  • Keyzy (Kollitom Ltd)
  • 125 Kingsway
  • London
  • WC2B 6NH

Or, you can email us on [email protected]

You can also use these contact details to withdraw your consent. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you. If this is the case, we will let you know.
And, you can use these contact details to let us know if you are unhappy with how we’ve used your personal information.
You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.
This is the cookie policy for Keyzy, accessible from

What are cookies?

It is common practice with almost all professional websites to use cookies. Cookies are files that are downloaded to your device to improve your experience. For more general information on cookies check out this Wikipedia article on http cookies.

Which cookies we set

Account cookies

Account cookies help us manage signup and general administration. They will usually be deleted when you log out. But sometimes they stay to remember your site preferences for when you log in again.

Login cookies

Login cookies stop you having to log in every time you go to a new page. These cookies are typically removed or cleared when you log out.

Email cookies

Email cookies help us know who signed up to get emails from us. They help us work out which information to show to subscribed and unsubscribed users.

Form cookies

Form cookies help us remember your details for the future so you do not need to keep adding them every time.

Third party cookies

In some special cases we also use cookies provided by trusted, third parties.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to tell us things like how long you spend on the site and which pages you visit. It helps us work out which parts of our website are the most engaging and where we might be able to improve.

Other analytics cookies

We also use a few other analytics cookies that have features Google Analytics does not have. They include:

  • Hotjar

Occasionally, we test new features and make subtle changes to how the site looks. When we’re testing these changes, we may use cookies to make sure you have a consistent experience.

Advertising cookies

We advertise using providers like Google and Facebook. If you visit our site from a provider like this, they’ll use cookies to measure and optimise their advertising according to their privacy policies.

Messenger cookies

We use Hubspot so we can receive and reply to messages you send us if you visit our website. These cookies help us to know who you are when you send us a new message. They also provide us, and you, with access to previous conversations you’ve had with us through the messenger.

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser settings. Doing this may affect the functionality and features of the site.
Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without affecting the functionality and features they add to the site. If you are unsure, it is usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it affects your experience on the site.

Getting more information

If you need more information about anything you’ve read, please feel free to email us on [email protected].

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Keyzy’s offering does not fall within the scope of financial services regulation. Customers should ensure they understand what this means before they use the Keyzy product.

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