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Keyzy for Landlords is the no-brainer, buy-to-let investment strategy for 2023

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Step 1

Submit your property online

In a few questions, get our estimated rent and future buyback price for your home.

It takes 90 seconds. Fill out a short application form and we’ll send you a Offer in Principle. This will include the rent and future buyback price that Keyzy will offer for your home.

Depending on several factors such as the location and type of property, Keyzy’s proprietary valuation model will give you a proposed deal for the home you submit.

How do you determine the rent and buy back price for my home?
We determine your rental figure using local comparisons for similar properties including gross yields in your area. The future buy back price is calculated through our proprietary valuation model. We use date points such as location, property type, area demographics etc.
Are there any homes you don’t accept?
We currently accept houses that can be occupied straight away and do not require refurbishment or renovation to meet a liveable standard. We also require that homes have an Energy Performance Certificate with a rating of at least E.
Will I need to upgrade my EPC rating?
If you enter a long term lease with Keyzy before 2025, you can postpone the EPC upgrade to 2028. By then, if our customers have not exercised their option to acquire the property, we will guide you through the EPC upgrade process, manage that on your behalf and will add all the costs on to the option price.

Step 2

Accept your offer

As easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign the dotted line and Keyzy will arrange to collect the keys.

Our offer includes your lease length, monthly rent amount, and the buy back price for the option so everything is clear and fully transparent. You will sign two documents: a standard lease agreement and an option agreement.

The option agreement is there to set out the terms and conditions should we buy the property. It is there to make sure each party is protected as much as possible.

What should I expect in the lease and option agreements?
The Lease Agreement will be a standard AST. The only differences will be the length of the lease and the maintenance obligations. With Keyzy, the tenant is mostly responsible for maintaining the home except for insured risks like gas safety. The Option Agreement will set out the main terms for the future buy back of the property including the price, the timeframe and all standard protection clause for both parties.
What are the typical terms of the lease?
The typical Keyzy lease is 3 years. The rent price will be fixed for the entirety of the lease. However, agreements can vary on a case by case basis. We will work with you closely to make sure everything is clear.

Step 3

Let Keyzy do the work

You can sit back and relax, Keyzy finds you a tenant and takes care of your home.

Keyzy will do a detailed review of you and the home to make sure everything is fine. Once we’re happy, we will then make you an offer before buying the home for you.

Keyzy will take care of the property day to day maintenance and pay your monthly rent as agreed. Want to hear the best part? Keyzy does not charge any letting or management fee. Your only cost will be standard landlord obligations such as insurance.

Keyzy will find a tenant for the duration of the lease after doing a thorough underwriting. We analyse credit and rental history and using open banking and our proprietary model to we assess tenant strength and reliability.

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3-8 years
Why Keyzy does not charge any management fee ?
Keyzy does not charge a management fee to landlords. Keyzy makes money from a small premium we attach to the rent. This covers the service we provide to the tenant to help them get a mortgage later on.
What are my obligations during the lease?
You will need to continue insuring the property like all home owners and landlords. Keyzy will make sure the tenant gets their gas and electrical safety certificates. Other than that, it's pretty hands off.

Step 4

Sell your home

No estate agency fees when you sell your home through Keyzy.

After enjoying years of supercharged income, you part ways with your property at the pre-agreed price. You don’t need to find a buyer or work through an agency for this step.

Unlike traditional corporate landlords, Keyzy is not here for a quick profit. Our mission is to help people get on the property ladder. We underwrite each customer with the goal that they can buy the home at the end of the lease.

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3-6 months
What happens if the option is not exercised at the end of the lease?
If the option is not exercised by the tenant at the end of the lease (incl. any extension) you have several options; 1. decide to enter into a new agreement with Keyzy, 2. sell the property or, 3. go back to rent it on your own or through an agent.
What if I do not want to sell the property?
The option agreement is here to make sure all these points are agreed prior the lease being signed. For the duration of the lease, if we decide to exercise the option you contractually have to sell it to us. The contract will also have a minimum rental period before the option can be exercised, generally 2 years.

How does Keyzy for Landlords benefit buy-to-let investors?

Earn more rental income without the headache or hassle

Greater rent, guaranteed

Greater rent, guaranteed

Beat the market with superior rental income yields. Keyzy guarantees your rental income.

No more hassles or fees

No more hassles or fees

Sit back and relax: Keyzy takes over the maintenance and don’t charge for it.

High quality long-term tenants

High quality long-term tenants

Keyzy places pre-vetted tenants for the full duration of the lease.

No more vacancies

No more vacancies

Keyzy commits to a 3 year lease and assumes vacancy risk.

Pre-agreed sale price

Pre-agreed sale price

Sell your property at an attractive pre-agreed exit price and save on transaction fees.

More certainty

More certainty

No surprises in an uncertain world all figures are transparent and agreed upfront.


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