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How does this calculator work?

How is my maximum budget calculated?
It's based on your income and where you want to live. We want to make sure it's something you can afford, and it’s not capped at 4.5 times your income like traditional mortgage lenders.
Can I add my savings as a deposit?
Keyzy is a zero deposit solution. If you have savings, you can keep them and keep growing them. When it's time to buy the home from us you can use your savings to increase your deposit.
How are my monthly payments calculated?
Your monthly payments are based on the value of the home and typical rental amounts in your area for similar properties. Also, up to 25% of your monthly payments are converted into reducing the future buy-back price you pay for the home later.
How do you decide the future buy-back price?
Your future buy-back price will be made up of the locked-in price (the price we paid to buy plus stamp duty and legal fees) and then reduced by your accumulated converted payments. If you chose to buy the home before the lease ends the buy-back price might be higher as you won't have accumulated as much in converted payments.
Are there any hidden fees?
No. You pay a £1,999 (for first time buyers) or 2,999 up-front product fee. This can be refunded if we don't end up completing the process with you. There is a 1% early exit fee if you buy the home from us before the end of your agreed lease. There’s a 2% early exit fee if you chose to sell the home to another buyer. Your monthly payments stay the same for the full duration of your lease. No increases.
Are the calculator numbers guaranteed for me?
No. The calculator numbers are our best estimates based on the information you have entered. To get a full budget in principle you will need to complete the Keyzy application form.
How does Keyzy make money?
Simple, we make money from your monthly payments. You keep your converted payments and any gain in the property value, if there is one, when it's time to buy it from us.
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